Styling a Facebook page for musicians

A combination of using both Soundcloud and Facebook in order to promote music has seem to become a very effective method. You see it all the time, a track on Soundcloud with a custom “Free Download” link, referring to Facebook where the “Like to Download” app has been installed. You click ‘Like’ and voila, your download is available. Win win. You get your Mp3, the producer gets his or her like. Awesome.

In this tutorial we’ll be helping you setting up your page. Not too much of the technical stuff, more the visual stuff. Next to that we will also explain how to install LikeToDownload and how you can create your custom tab-image.

Step 1 – Create a Facebook page

Of course, if you haven’t done so, start by creating a Facebook page. Click the “Artist / Band / Public Figure” button and follow the steps as shown on your screen. Simple as that.

Step 2 – Create some art

We believe you will do a great job filling in all the information, text-wise. It’s time to create some art!

There’s two images you would want to create (always save them as hi-res JPG or PNG file):

The Cover Photo – 851*315 pixels. This is the large panoramic image at the top of the timeline. Of course you can just upload a huge image and crop it to your liking, but why not create a nice custom picture?

The Profile Image – This is the thumbnail, the square at bottom left of the header, overlapping the cover photo. The final display dimensions are 160*160px, however, you will have to upload an image that’s at least 180*180px. A thin white border will be added to your artwork, this can’t be removed.


The profile image will display 23 pixels from the left side of your cover photo and 210 pixels from its top. It will end 193 pixels from the left. Make sure to keep these dimensions in mind so you won’t have text in your Cover photo running behind your Profile image.

If you want to create your whole Facebook page in Photoshop instead of just creating 2 separate images for the Cover Photo and Profile Image, then Maros Holly has got the right thing just for you. He did an amazing job on creating the Facebook Timeline Template for Photoshop. There’s a free PSD file on the page. This gives you the ability to create the perfect composition before actually uploading anything to your Facebook page.

Please don’t get frustrated after you’ve uploaded your art and (the text in) it doesn’t like right on your smartphone. Why? Well, some people just don’t get it. They want a bunch of text in their Cover photo and later complain that their image isn’t showing properly on mobile devices. Trust me, this is impossible. As soon as you view your Facebook on a smartphone it ends up looking like a Twitter header, meaning it will have some text over your Cover photo (your page name + your title (e.g Artist)).

Step 3 – Adding LikeToDownload to your Facebook page:

Before installing, please be aware LikeToDownload only allows you to have ONE (1) download link up at a time. They used to offer more, but due to their success they’ve of course decreased this amount. If you really want to have more, you’re simply going to have to pay. However, there’s always ways to work around this. If you have a bunch of free downloads for your Facebook fans, let the “DOWNLOAD” button on your LikeToDownload page link to an EXTERNAL WEBSITE where you put multiply links to your tracks / albums.

Install LikeToDownload App

Once you’re finished, you can create a custom “DOWNLOAD” image to make your Facebook page look much more professional.


“You can upload a JPG, GIF, or PNG file. The size of the image must be 111 x 74 pixels. File size limit 1 MB. If your upload does not work try a smaller picture.”

We suggest using a font of about 16pt (at least, please don’t go smaller than 13pt). Here’s a basic 111×74 template we created that you could use to start with.

Step 4 – Soundcloud x Facebook

Once you’ve finally set everything up it’s time to upload a new track to Soundcloud and add a custom/buy link. Simply call it “FREE DOWNLOAD” and let this link to your “LikeToDownload” page and you’re good to go. This is what our LikeToDownload page currently looks like.


You should be all set now! Enjoy.

Sidenote: We’ve also used the StaticHTML app on our Facebook pages before and even though we really love it (it let’s you create a custom HTML page, which means you can add as many links and images as you want, it does require some basic HTML knowledge), we haven’t discussed it here. Why? We received a lot of complaints from visitors who simply couldn’t see it, while the LikeToDownload page seems to work for everyone, on every device.