That squeaky bed, RnB sample

A squeaky toy hammer, a bed creaking sound, that sound thats goes like Eee-err Eee-err. Yeah, it can be hard Googling for sounds sometimes, but if you were looking for something that could be desrcribed as that sound, you’ve come to the right page.

We’ve heard it tons of times in RnB songs as well as in Jersey Club tunes (think about those Cashmere Cat, Cosmo’s Midnight and Trippy Turtle tracks).

Most producers ripped it from Trillville’s “Some Cut”, where producer Lil Jon used the sample throughout the hook and intro.

2004: Trillville – Some Cut

Some more recent tracks which have the squeaky sample:

2013: Wale Ft. Tiara Thomas – Bad

2014: PARTYNEXTDOOR – Persian Rugs (Falcons Bootleg)

Enough history lessons; if you haven’t been able to get the sample yourself, here you go. Enjoy, but be aware, according to a lot of people it is “played out” (and they’re right), so try to be creative with it.