Oxossi – Electric Travels EP

Oxossi’s debut EP is finally here! “Electric Travels” contains 6 lovely tracks and is a reflection of Oxossi’s journey, where he was finding his own sound. We’re proud to be able to release this on Beatflakes and are sure you will love it as well. Please scroll down to read more about Oxossi and to download this EP right away! Good stuff to get sober on after 420. Enjoy.

The artwork has been done by the talented Roey Tsemah.



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1. Stir the Brush
2. Old Pianist
3. Krishna Beat
4. Tears of Aomori
5. Sway
6. Helios

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BF: For those who don’t already know you, who is Oxossi?

OX: Oxossi is a childhood nickname actually. My family is Brazilian and my parents called me that because I would rummage through bushes when I was a little kid tryin to catch bugs and other little creatures. Oxossi means “Jungle Hunter” in Afro-Brazilian folklore so when I was choosing a name it just kind of came out eventually haha.

BF: How did you get in touch with producing?

OX: Well…I’ve always listened to different styles of music. My father is really musically inclined and put me in touch with a lot of Jazz and 70′s pop throughout my childhood. I used to play drums for quite some time too and I started to find that the hard part about playing in a live band was the scheduling.

I could never get people into dedicating their time and being passionate about it. So, I got tired of being a coordinator and a motivator for other people and started looking into producing on my own. Around that time I was also being heavily influenced by electronic music and so I guess I sort of grew into producing electronic/bass music organically.

BF: Your very first EP, Electric Travel is out now, can you tell us a little more about the process producing this EP as well as where you got your inspiration from?

OX: This first EP was my experiment, hands down. I have so many different musical interests (from Jazz to Rock to Samba and so much more) that sticking to one solid style is impossible for me. Over the last year I’ve really concentrated on finding “my sound” and really trying to integrate all of my loves into one coherent style. My EP is a reflection of this journey. Hence the EP name Electric Travels.

BF: Your sounds really vary a lot. Tippy-Toeing for example feels like a heavy bass tune you’d expect from guys like Eprom. On the other hand tracks like Old Pianist have that jazzy feel to it. They all have one thing in common, which is being experimental and next-gen for sure. How would you describe your own sound?

OX: Its definitely a melting pot. I am constantly being influenced by new music I find around the world. I am also very inspired by the amount of talent that constantly surrounds me (especially living in LA). These influences, added onto my interest in so many different styles of sound, has probably molded my music into what you hear now.

My love for analog based experimental sounds, to deep deep UK 140 music, to grime, to my early childhood influences in Jazz has made me feel like nothing is off limits. As long as I feel like I’m making good intelligent music I could care less about the “genre”.

BF: So what’s next? Any plans for the upcoming months?

OX: I plan to keep making more and more experimental music and going in the direction I now know is best for me. I am focusing on playing more live shows and putting together some more mixes (got a couple in the next few months). Mixes gives me an opportunity to not only play out my music, but many other talented people as well. Those who I think deserve loads more recognition than they are getting.

Eventually I hope to predominantly spin vinyl sets. Theres just something about hardware that I trust and is comforting, and the sound of a plate is just so different. I also definitely have a goal to make more music with the people that have influenced me throughout the years.

BF: Last words or shout outs?

OX: Shouts out to my best friends John, Dan and Howard, my Mom and my Dad, and my whole family in Brazil for that matter.
Shouts out to my music supporters (and now mostly friends as well) Pieces of Juno, Hush, Plastician, Mike Gao, Dirty Chocolate, Bondi, Baht, DJ Shadow, $yrup, Chris from S&T Audio, Underslung, Shelby, ADP, Shane, Gea, Sivey, Selin, all the mates in Australia that have been playing me out recently, and of course Beatflakes for being extremely supportive and platforming the release of something I hold very dear to me.