OWOW – A new breed of musical instruments

Yes, we’re proud! A group of crazy creatives (OWOW – the Omnipresent World Of Wizkids) from our hometown, Eindhoven, developed a serie of interesting musical instruments for you and all your music making friends. They empower you to make digital music in a fun and intuitive way. Whether you just started making music, have been producing for years in professional studios, or play live music on stage for sold out football stadiums, our instruments let you decide how to work with them.

Let’s take a quick look at these 5 nifty instruments.

The Instruments

OWOW developed five musical instruments that empower you to create digital music in a intuitive and fun way. There’s two versions of each instruments: the high-end aluminium cased DVC (oh yes, this feels good) and affordable bare circuit board CRD. You can even get 3D files for free so you can print your own casing for free! Cool right? Here’s a little overview of the instruments:


1. Wob
Using your mouth to creative a slick idea for a wobble is effective but sounds like shit (no offense to your beatbox skills). Creating a nice wobble/ bassline in Ableton / Massive sounds good, but can take up quite some time. Wob brings the best of both worlds together. You can simply create and control sounds by waving your hands up and down. This will definitely help you save some time and will make it more playful to create some phat wobbles.


2. Wiggle
Shape your music by rotating your hand around all axes. This is be a must-have for every DJ really. Create some nice moments in your set by using this for beat-repeat, changing the pitch, Ping Pong delays, LFO etc. Next to that, it’s size makes it great to carry around with you at all times.


3. Drum
Airdrumming just became real! Instead of hitting pads or having to record an actual instrument (that’s probably much larger!) you can actually “shake” or “drum” your sounds for your track. Next to that you can also change the sensitivty.


4. Pads
There’s small (drum)pads around on the market, but one that’s as large as your credit card? Don’t think so. OWOW made one though! It has 4 pressure sensitive pads and a bank-scroll to scroll through the sounds of your drum-kit. Again, perfect for those who like to produce while traveling, have a very small bedroom, or want to use it live. No nonsense.


5. Scan
Save the best for last? Sure why not. This blowed our mind. I mean, a lot of us beatmakers let our instinct do the work. We don’t know how to read sheet music but would love to create a sweet synth-line.

Fun fact: Pieter-Jan Pieters, founder and Head of Design of OWOW must have had the same problem (he couldn’t get into a music academy, because he could not read sheet music in the first place. This inspired him to start these instruments in the first place).

With OWOW’s “Scan” you can draw a black line on a sheet of paper and simply “Scan” it. This line will be translated to MIDI in your favorite software and from there on any VST/ Synth can be applied. Screw playing notes, this is magic!


What I really love about this project is the fact that these instruments are (also) for producers on a budget (and with a lack of space). For less than 100 euros you have a high quality instrument that will make producing or DJ’ing a lot more fun and intuitive!

Yes, there’s instruments that have similair features built in them, but these are often very large (and expensive) devices that have features on them which you will never use. OWOW’s products are no nonsense and easy to use. What are you waiting for? Go get one.

OWOW is on Kickstarter. The instruments range from €49 (instrument without case) or with aliminium case for €99.