Neptune Safari – Night Trip EP

It’s been a while since we last posted about Neptune Safari. That’s because not much from this talented producer has been released over the last few months. There was a legitimate reason for this though: Dorian went into exile with his music to get the best out of the process of creating his debut EP called “Night Trip”. It’s finally here and time for us to give it a spin!

About Neptune Safari

Raised in a family of musicians, Dorian was naturally introduced to the piano and began performing on stage. His curiosity and relish for discoveries lead him to meet electronic music. As soon as he met is, he started a long musical journey through this new possibilities. First confidential, he quickly shares his diary with his friends who convince him to create a musical project.

Neptune Safari was born in music and continues the journey initiated by Dorian. In 2013, the adventure takes an unexpected turn when Anoraak gives a huge impetus to the crew by taking the relay for the first song “Adeline is in a water drop”. At this time, the trip launched by Dorian enters a new dimension and becomes a true musical odyssey. Soaring synth lines and groove with bass-lines, Neptune Safari‚Äôs align moons and planets for an immobile journey through sci-fi landscapes. A journey beyond the virtual for a music more than real.

Night Trip EP

The EP, released on Yunizon Records, contains 3 original tracks as well as 3 remixes on “Morning Sun” by Rise & Fool, Funk LeBlanc and Edward Newgate. The EP is very balanced, it’s crazy. Where remixes often touch different genres and are far away from the original, the ones on this EP fit perfectly with Neptune’s own tracks, making this a lovely nu-disco EP.

The first two tracks “Night Trip” and “Pyxis” are instrumental, while the third track, Morning Sun, has sweet vocals on it by Clara La San. Anyways, this is definitely great material to kick off your weekend with. Chill mode on for sure.

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