As always we’re thrilled to say we have a new Guest Flakes to get your weekend started by no less than Sojuju. This female DJ/producer is definitely an up and coming talent from the Netherlands. With a great mix of styles including RnB, classics and filthy trill (Trap/ Bass) tunes she creates an awesome ambience on the dance floor. A style most of you will simply love.

Next to the amazing mix she did exclusively for Beatflakes, we also had a little chat with Sojuju. Read the full interview below. Check it out.



BF: So, Juju, what’s good?

SJ: Haha, I see what you did there! All is good, can’t complain.

BF: Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself?

SJ: Just a shy girl living in the Netherlands, trying to make the best out of life.

BF: There’s not much about you on the interwebs, yet there seems to be a lot going on lately. You’ve released some bangers, as well as some lovely mixes (Future Beat Show, Rinse France etc.) that seem to get plenty of attention. How did this all get a kickstart and how does it feel getting all this love?

SJ: I guess there is not much about me, but pretty sure I am all over soundcloud searching for, liking and commenting on other people’s music. I made my first mix (and the second one, too) not knowing anything about BPM and all that stuff, but I liked to do it, so I posted the first one online for fun. A few popular soundcloud users reposted my mix and that’s how it started. After a short while Complexion invited me to make a guestmix for his show and that’s when my mixes got even more attention. I enjoy it so much. I don’t think I could describe how grateful I am for everyone’s support and love, especially from my friends!

BF: Does it motivate you to try and turn this thing from a hobby in to a profession?

SJ: As long as I keep doing what I love to do it doesn’t matter whether it’s called a hobby or a profession and now that I have mastered the skill of mixing it just became much more fun! I just enjoy sharing music and I’m glad people like listening to my works. I listen to my own mixes in the shower too, heh.

BF: I guess looks can definitely be deceiving, your recent track “Four Finger Rings ft. Aywy.” is trill and ghetto as fuck. Not something you’d expect from a cute looking female. How did you first get in touch with this whole ghetto / bass scene?

SJ: Thank you! Looks can be deceiving indeed; don’t mess with me, haha! I’m guessing it all started with some crunk and that southern hiphop shit, such bass wow. [Lil’ Jon voice] WHAT?! OKAY!!

BF: You’re also a part of the Flow-Fi collective/ label. Can you tell a little bit more about the collective and how you got involved?

SJ: Flow-Fi just started in February as a collective and an independent label that essentially wants to promote and release the works that are submitted to us. I’m very grateful to be a part of the team now; they’re some crazy, funny, but also talented and supportive people. Make sure to follow Flow-Fi on soundcloud to be up to date with awesome releases.

BF: What does your studio look like? Are you more the type of producer with dusty Akai’s and a laptop or do you prefer working in a neat studio?

SJ: My bedroom is my studio. Most of the times very neat and sometimes just a mess, because I couldn’t choose what to wear.

BF: There seems to be a lot of talent coming from The Hague (The Netherlands) when it comes to futuristic beats /bass-related tunes. Any explanation for this?

SJ: So I’ve noticed! I am also grateful to have talented and passionate friends that I met in the Hague, we motivate and support each other in whatever we do and that’s great. The explanation? Living close to the sea, one could say, perhaps it’s in the “seaweed”, hah.

BF: Any dope plans/ releases for the near future?

SJ: YES! Watch out! Some trill shit coming your way, not sure how soon, though. And a few parties where I will be DJ-ing. It’s just begun!

BF: Friet or patat? Ableton or Fruity Loops?

SJ: Friet, yummy. And some applejuice for me! I’ve been using Ableton, as well as Maschine. I still have a lot to learn, though.

BF: Thanks a bunch for the awesome guest mix! Any last words or shout outs?

SJ: Don’t give up on your dreams, and much love to everyone!


Download this Guest Flakes by Sojuju!

01. Idle Mind – Mine (PVNDV Remix)
02. ??? – Liquid
03. Kian x Nikita – Come Forward
04. Dpat – Above Us (Ft. Sango & Isles)
05. Tycho – A Walk (Jay Oskulata Bootleg)
06. The Other Side – Help Me
07. Metro Zu – X
8. 8tm – Boss Hogg On Candy (OG Edition)
9. Non Drifter x Zuper – House Of Cards
10. Mr. Carmack – Drop (Get Silenced)
11. P. MORRIS – Gemini
12. BRRRRR – Lean Wit It
13. Beyonce – Drunk In Love (GUDNAM Bootleg)
14. Losco – Charge
15. Mr. Carmack – Fire (No Payroll)