Setisound is Jonathan Jantzen & Daniel Jantzen.
These two brothers hailing from Eindhoven, The Netherlands are starting to get more attention for their lovely HipHop beats with tons of references to the oldskool vibe. If you’re into J. Dilla & Madlib stuff you’ll definitely appreciate their sound. You might have heard their track, “Rise” which was released on Beatflakes – Future Turn Up this year.

What’s absolutely nuts about the exclusive, over 30 minutes, mix they did for Beatflakes, is that they produced every single track in it. Apart from this being compltely bonkers, every “snippet” makes you want to have the whole song so hopefully we’ll soon see some of these tracks being released soon.

Apart from this, not much is known about the producer duo. Time to have a little chat with these fellows!



BF: What’s up guys?

SS: Doing good making music all the time and having a lot of fun doing it.

BF: Can you tell us a little more about Setisound? When & why did you guys start?

SS: Well we started out like 3 years ago experimenting with frootyloops and stuff, we basicly wanted to create our own little sound, and took a lot of inspiration from old 70′s movies and soul music.

BF: How does your process of creating a beat look like?

SS: We start with the drums most of the time and search for a matching sample. We also play with the keys alot and lately we got a Roland sp-404 to experiment even more with our sounds.

BF: We can tell your sound is inspired by guys like J.Dilla / Madlib. Are there any new producers (e.g Mr. Carmack/ Esta?) out there who currently influence the evolution of your sound?

SS: Lately we have been listening alot to Yung Gud ( producer for Yung Lean ). You should check out: “Yung Gud – U want me“, that track goes hard, as well as “Heaprize – Omeletes“. But mainly some old stuff like Piero Piccioni and a lot of up and coming soundcloud producers.

BF: Are you guys more analog orientated (e.g. analog synthesizers and sampling off vinyl), or more digital orientated (working with VST’s, MIDI Controllers)?

SS: We try to blend analog equipment sounds with samples and stuff and mix it up real good. Just trying to do some new stuff all the time to keep it interesting.

BF: We secretly know you guys create a crazy amount of tracks, however, we rarely see any releases from you guys. Is this the calm before the storm or will these tracks & snippets stay on a lonely harddisk forever?

SS: We are trying to create a liveshow with all of our beats, and we are planning to release a couple of instrumental albums later this year. There is also a trap EP in the works wich will drop in a couple of months.

BF: Can we also expect some collaborations with other rappers?

SS: There is always rappers asking for beats and stuff, so in the very near future there will be coming some rapstuff out!

BF: Apart from producing tracks you guys have also been spotted giving gigs in and around Eindhoven. Is this something you’d like to do more in the future?

SS: We played at Amsterdam Roest that was a lot of fun! Seeing a big crowd party hard and all. But yes, we are going to play more since we got the Roland 404 and a shitload of tracks that have never been heard before.

BF: Any other sweet goals for 2014?

SS: Just playing more gigs and releasing more music!

BF: Awesome guys, thanks a lot for the amazing mix!

SS: thank you guys for helping us out and offcourse all the homies for the support !


Download this Guest Flakes by Setisound!

01. Antilope
02. Astralia
03. Riding slow
04. Bingo flamingo
05. Darker
06. Ivory
07. Tigershark
08. Soul to soul
09. High up above
10. Spheres
11. Juvinile
12. Nails
13. Obooh
14. Rampage
15. Mindset
16. Exter
17. Light
18. Signals
19. Zuurkool
20. Rise
21. I gut a stun gun
22. Bossfight
23. Solid
24. Gustave
25. Hell stairs
26. Nexus
27. Davinci code
28. Daydream