Time to feed the geese! GNZVR took care of this weeks Guest Flakes, creating a lovely 30 minutes long mix full of Bass and other electronic you will appreciate. In the interview below you can also read about their interesting story and on how they started GNZVR.

Enjoy reading and listening and have a kick ass weekend.

Oh jaaaazeker.



BF: Paul & Remon, what’s good guys?

GV: Yooow! We’re going well atm. Thanks for asking us for this interview and for giving us the opportunity to make a Guestmix for Beatflakes. We’re honored!

BF: For those of our readers who don’t know; who are GANZEVOUR and where did that name come from?

GV: We are a producer-duo making different types of Bass-music, varying from Trap and Jersey Club-influenced tracks to the wavy Future Bass tunes, like our track ‘Roll it’. The name GANZEVOUR (aka GNZVR) is Dutch for ‘Goose food.’ We came up with this name as a funny metaphor for people standing in front of the stage waiting to be fed like geese. Haha sorry no offence to the crowd ofcourse <3. BF: How did you guys get in to producing/ DJ’ing and which artists inspired you to do so?

GV: We started to work together in 2010. Back then we played Fidget House and Electro, after a while it evolved into Dubstep and at the moment we are trying to make music we like, instead of trying to fit in a particular scene or style. Artists that inspire us now are Mr. Carmack, Ganz, Wave Racer, Boeboe and Flume. Ask us this question in a year or two and we will probably give you a whole different answer. Every month we discover new producers or artists that inspire us.

BF: What’s your favorite setup when producing (hardware/ software)?

GV: In the studio we don’t use a lot of hardware, sometimes we use a Microkorg or a MS-20 but most of the time we produce “inside the box”. That means we use Logic Pro in combination with plugins from Native Instruments, Waves and Lexicon.

When we do gigs, we like to approach the set-up from a different angle. We link two laptops; Paul plays all the basics/tracks on Traktor and Remon makes “the icing on the cake” by triggering vocal-/drumsamples in Ableton Live. In this way we are able to keep our sets dynamic and surprising and we constantly stay busy on stage.

BF: We definitely dig the whole vibe on the track Roll It. Has a bit of that Rustie, Boeboe or GANZ feel to it. Is this the type of sound you guys wish to continue with in the future?

GV: As we said before, at the moment we are just making beats and tracks we like. It’s the music and feeling we have with it, that’s important to us. The next track we make can be surprisingly different than the last one we made.

BF: Holland has a lot of other influential (Future) Bass, UK and Trap producers. What’s your opinion on how the scene is evolving and how this affects/ inspires foreign producers?

GV: We see the scene growing here in Holland and we think that’s a good thing. We see that Bass-minded parties are gaining popularity, and that Bass-producers are popping up too, so the scene is really expanding. This all makes it easier to build a decent network of people who inspire each other to make some great music. This network reaches further then the borders of the Netherlands indeed.

BF: This month you will be playing alongside Paper Diamond and araabMUZIK at Patronaat Haarlem (The Netherlands). That sounds like a sweet party/ line-up. Knowing you guys play your sets with an Akai MPD, aren’t you scared the MPC master will be looking over your shoulder? ;)

GV: Haha, well by the time this interview will be online we already did the show with AraabMuzik. From a live-point of view we really look up to this great artist. The thing is that we use our MPD in whole different way. Where he uses his MPC’s to play his whole set, we just use our MPD to “pimp” our set. But, if we have to be honest, we’ll take an extra Red Bull instead of the usual “alcoholic beverage” so we hit everything on time.

BF: Any other special plans or upcoming projects for 2015? Gigs, EP’s, collabs, you name it.

GV: At the moment we are really focusing on taking our productions to the next level. And next to that, we are working a big, secret live-set. We are not going to talk about that too much. All we can say is, stay tuned and be patient…

BF: Thanks a lot for the mix and answers, any last words or shout outs?

GV: Thanks for having us! We really had fun doing the mix and the interview.
Big up to: Boeboe, Jailo, Sndwvs, Jengi Beats for sending us some exclusive, unreleased tunes and to everyone who is supporting us. Hope everybody enjoys the little compilation we made!


Download this Guest Flakes by GNZVR!

01. Jailo – Forevermore
02. San Holo – Fly
03. Deon Custom – Ice Cream
04. GNZVR – Roll It
05. Sndwvs – Forest Flute
06. Jengi Beats – Panini Café
07. Boeboe – Boot Sector
08. Mighty Mark ft. TT The Artist – Pretty Girls (Boeboe Remix)
09. Nicki Minaj ft. Drake, Lil Wayne & Chris Brown – Only (Vices Remix)
10. Losco – IMPO
12. Sweater Beats – Cloud City
13. Boeboe – We Feelin’ (Love) (Jailo & AObeats Flip)
14. GANZ – Cherry (GNZVR Flip)