We are very excited, hopefully as much as you are, because this week we have Philly’s finest Dev79 dropping a massive Guest Flake. This guy is a heavyweight in the Street Bass scene and apart from being well-known for his productions and mixes he’s also running Slit Jockey Records, as well as Seclusiasis (together with Starkey). Oh, and you might know have heard their broadcasts on Sub FM (every first monday of the month). Time to get to know some more about this jack of all trades.

Play the mix below and enjoy the weekend and upcoming weekend!


BF: Dev79 what’s good man?

D79: Life is pretty cool man, I just had an interesting flea market adventure and I’m about to eat some pineapple cheesecake.

BF: You’re on a roll lately. It seems you have put out a lot of mixes and remixes during the last few months. We’re getting the feeling this is just the start of some bigger things to come. What can we expect from you in 2014?

D79: Word, I’ve been tryin to get my hustle on fer sure, if I’m not grindin I dont know what to do with myself, ha. I have a few things coming up soon – a track “Gnarly Skin” on a compilation from the Portland crew We Got This and a EP on Cobra Krames’ Gold Whistle label. The EP will have 2 original tracks and a few remixes, really hype for that to come out this spring. Also just this weekend I wrapped up a remix for Aquadrop thats coming out on Main Course soon. Some other things in the works always.

BF: Last year you did a lot of collabs with the Blok Boyz, any new collaborations coming up?

D79: I’ll have some more stuff coming out with the Blok Boyz, we’re getting another EP together hopefully for summer. Got some work with other rappers as well, makin tracks with MCs is really one of my main passions. Few producer collab tracks are in the works with Bombe, Chase Manhattan, Speaker for the Dead and some others that will hopefully get finished up soon.

BF: If you could choose, with which artist would you love to do a collabo sometime?

D79: Hmmm, I’d love to work with lots of people! Rockie Fresh, The Bug, Cam’ron, Mumdance, Traxamillion, Mick Harris, Nicki Miniaj, Wiley, Dolla tha Dustman…

BF: Seclusiasis is the label you run together with Starkey (as well as sister label Slit Jockey with El Carnicero as additional owner). Did it reach the goals and expectations you had when you first started it?

D79: Ya know when we first started I think our goals were simpler than they are now, so yes ha. The initial outlook was more like hey lets release dope music and expose some new sounds and not go broke doing it! We’ve certainly achieved that. Now we are much more entrenched in things and we’re always striving for forward movement, always want to bring the music to more people in more ways.

BF: Any big future plans for the labels?

D79: Upcoming releases from DJ Pound, Conrank, Decibel, plus Street Bass Anthems 7 and plenty more goodies that you’ll find out about soon. Very excited about the projects and releases we have in the works.

BF: Do you remember how you first got in touch with Bass and Grime music?

D79: When I was getting into things, people weren’t really sayin terms like ‘bass music’ per se. But a lot of things really were what we would call that today, I loved Scorn and that was really sub focused and dubbed out hip hop beats. I remember first hearing about Dizzee Rascal and grime music and being intrigued and then I heard some Dizzee and Wiley songs and I was in love. I was listening to a lot of underground hip hop, dancehall reggae and left field electronics at the time and when I heard grime it was almost like a fusion of those things and that was exciting to me. I would spend hours scouring Soulseek to meet UK kids with grime collections and spending too much money on import vinyl. It was really hard to get grime in the U.S. as the early London scene wasn’t fully on the internet yet.

BF: How is the scene in Philadelphia right now? Any new interesting trends going on, music-wise?

D79: I’m not sure if I’d say theres any new trends exactly, but I feel like the Philly scene is fairly thriving right now. The trap and future house sounds have a good presence and following, ‘club’ or ‘party music’ is always bumpin here, Philly has its own variety of the Bmore and Jersey club thing. Theres always dope street rappers on the come up and just like everywhere theres more and more rappers working with bass producers. Theres a new generation in Philly that I think is soon to really come into its own and make shit pop off.

BF: What are your thoughts on how the Bass-scene is changing/ evolving? For example, Trap producers seem to have split in to 2 camps. There’s the more commercial EDM side and the other side who just tag their work as being Bass.

D79: Every music scene is a constant flux I feel, the internet age makes styles and movements evolve at a much more rapid and diverse rate. I try to not get hung up on that stuff too much, whats a cool buzz word changes too quick and people get so emotionally invested. We’ve created our own lane with ‘Street Bass’ so we can take the sum of our influences from grime, juke, rap, garage, etc and put our own spin on it without being held to those genre constraints per se.

BF: Your current favorite artists we should keep an eye on?

D79: I love all the music we put on the labels, thats literally some of my favorite shit…besides that some other people I’m feeling are in the mix I did for ya!

BF: Thanks again for the awesome mix, any last words or shout outs?

D79: I wanna shout out Robert Irvine cuz he really smashes it redoing restaurants in 2 days with only $10k.


Download this Guest Flakes by Dev79!

01. Aquadrop – Milf Weed (Dev79 Remix) – forthcoming Main Course
02. Conrank – Shut Up – forthcoming Slit Jockey Records
03. Starkey – Marvelous – dub
04. Decibel – Grid – forthcoming Slit Jockey Records
05. Wiley – Wise Man (G Jones Remix) – forthcoming Seclus Jockey
06. Wonder – RaveT – Slit Jockey Records
07. Dev79 – Thunk About It – forthcoming Gold Whistle
08. Yo Gotti – Lebron James (Dev79 Remix) – dub
09. Slagz – On The Block – dub
10. Dev79 – Shatter Riddim – Slit Jockey Records
11. DJ Pound – Dropped A Bomb On You – forthcoming Seclusiasis
12. Lil Twist ft Lil Wayne & Chris Brown – Flowerz (Noah D’s Fully Lit Remix) – dub
13. Guerilla Speakers & Beau Damian- Blood Money – Trouble & Bass
14. Dev79 – Gnarly Skin – forthcoming We Got This
15. Dev79 – Boom Boom Down – forthcoming Gold Whistle
16. Nphonix – Fk The Pitch – forthcoming Loose Squares
17. Ill-esha – Galactic Halo – Slit Jockey Records
18. Rx – Strike Ah Pose (DJ Earl Remix) – Hot Mom USA
19. Lenkemz – Can’t See U ft Slick Don (Dev79 Screwed Edit) – dub
20. Know V.A. – Flew – forthcoming Lowriders
21. Conrank – High Rollah ft Gita – forthcoming Slit Jockey Records
22. Graeme S – Autofac – forthcoming Hsüan Records