About the site and its crew

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Kuffi – Founder / Director

Being the Dutch guy Kevin loves to chill in windmills while wearing his clogs; a tulip in his left hand and a big fat blunt in the other, because hey, that’s how you think everyone from the Netherlands rolls, right? Addicted to heavy bass; HipHop, Trap, (UK) Bass, Footwork, Juke, Experimental etc.

kevin [at] beatflakes [dot] com

Matt – Editor / Contributor

Matt aka Bruised Skies from the UK is very much in to Ambient and Electronic sounds. Give the man a microphone and an hour in the forest and he’ll make sure to turn his ndings in to wonderful atmospheric tracks.

matt [at] beatflakes [dot] com

Andres – Editor / Contributor

Andres is Dead Boy Alias. He hails from the island of Puerto Rico and is into the many sub-genres of electronic music. A Dead Boyz affiliate, DB Alias bolsters his tracks many influences from all over. If it sounds like something known, then add more to make it something different.

andres [at] beatflakes [dot] com